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Joining The South Texas Hot Wheels and Diecast Collectors Club
What the Club is All About

South Texas Diecast was born in a Jim's Restraunt during a mini-get-together with a couple of collectors talking about the hobby and trading a few cars.

The idea-- To inform fellow collectors about upcoming releases, to help fellow collectors find cars for their collection, to provide families a fun diecast atmosphere, and to promote diecast collecting in a positive way. A club by collectors for collectors.

Meetings are held on the third or fourth Saturday of each month. The purpose of the meeting is to welcome new members, communicate the latest news in the diecast world, and provide an open forum for questions and answers. Before and after each meeting the club participates in a buying/trading/selling/racing session. The purpose of this session is to help out fellow collectors acquire diecast related items for their collections, give collectors a place to sell or trade their unwanted or unneeded diecast items and to race your favorite cars.

How To Join

You can sign up and join after each meeting. Yearly club dues are $15 per person or $20 per family. These dues help cover the cost of the monthly mailings, the club website, membership badges, and operating expenses of the club. The first meeting attended is open to all without paying any yearly dues. This is a good way to see if the club is right for you and/or your family.

You can download the Membership Applications here to print out or pick one up at the meeting.

MS WordMembership Application - MS Word

AcrobatMembership Application - Acrobat

The meetings are usually held on the third or fourth Saturday of each month at The Travelodge Northwest, Between Evers and Callaghan Road, inside the Loop 410 access road. Click here for a map. The next meeting is always listed on the front page of the website and in the monthly newsletter.

The meeting room opens at 9:00am. Members are allowed to enter the meeting room first then non-members are allowed entrance. Currently admission to each meeting is $1.00 per member or $3.00 per non-member. Before and after each meeting we have time set aside for attendees to buy/sell/trade/race diecast cars. There will be a few tables for members to rent at a cost of $5.00 each. Non-members can rent a table for $8.00

These fees help offset the meeting room cost to the club.

There are 3 simple rules at each club meeting.

1. All new mainline releases can not be sold over $1.50 (this does not include Treasure Hunts).

2. Limit 1 of each model until everyone has a chance to get one.

3. Have Fun!

New Feature

Pay for memberships online
A new feature has been added to allow members to pay for their memberships online. This is a good way to insure that you don't miss out on the monthly mailings and special editions. Currently the club only sends out two additional courtesy issues after the membership expires.

There is an additional $1.00 charge to pay by PayPal to offest their fees to the club.

Single Membership

Family Membership

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